From Art to Empowerment

From Art to Empowerment

How Women Can Develop Artistic Voice

Annette Luycx


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A hands-on workbook for self-discovery through artistic expression.

In this workbook, art educator and mentor Annette Luycx leads women through twelve dimensions of artistic expression from personal narrative to final exhibition. She encourages women to look inward, find inspiration in personal experiences, and generate their own themes, images and symbols, ultimately discovering what is meaningful to them and learning how to express that visually. Luycx takes women through a step-by-step process using self-reflective thinking, visualizing, journaling, and other creative practices. With twenty-four practical exercises and twelve art assignments, this book guides women in developing self-awareness and personal power through making art.

Included are the first-hand experiences of three participating women, reflections about their studio process, and the impact of the workshop on their identity as they learned to trust their life experiences as sources of inspired art-making.

From Art to Empowerment is an insightful, hands-on workbook that takes women on an empowering journey of self-discovery through artistic expression.

“In the beginning it was difficult for me. Now I let myself. The process has become easier for me. Like I was searching for my own path. That’s why these lessons helped me. Because they revealed my way of thinking, my feeling, my path, to me.” (Anna)

“I go deeper. I touch it more. There is more focus. I go to a deeper level. I saw things in myself that I hadn’t realized.” (Markella)

“I learn, I learn about myself. In all that I learn I also learn about myself. About my sensitivities, my memories, my feelings.” (Tina)